There is beauty in everything. We gift-wrap our products in suits meant to catch the eye, stand out from their competition, entice a consumer to consume. We dress up our candy bars in sequins and sparkles and hand out neon petals stamped with inky block letters to engrain in our memories whose product is better. But when we’ve made our choice from endless shelves of the same good thirty ways, we peel off their dressings and discard them from our consciousness. All their sheen is forgotten, all their detail irrelevant, their importance eliminated. We forget the impact these thin, shiny sheets have on our decision-making, on our preferences, on our beliefs. We forget the time spent imagining their colors, the time spent orienting their letters, how plain or how cluttered or how waxy the paper should be. We forget how many pieces of however many people went into the tiniest little details that never get noticed. We live too quickly to realize that every minuscule feature sticks onto our beings and becomes a new piece of who we are and who we will be. We are collections of every little thing we encounter, every little interaction, every little detail we never even noticed.

My work attempts to reverse that, to give use to the useless, to revive the discarded. My work examines our surfaces, how we identify ourselves and how authentic or individual those identities really are. We are attached to these identities, to identifying one another so that we can stand out from the rest. What we forget is that we are all collages of everything else; recycled or reinvented, reinterpreted or even misinterpreted pieces from all that we are exposed to. If identity is how we represent who or what we are as individuals, the identity we stamp on ourselves is inexact because it can never genuinely be claimed exclusively to one being. We forget everyone and everything that collaborated to design the beings we become, ignoring the details that don’t directly involve choice and misrepresent ourselves. There is no one being who is truly, completely, wholly unique—this identity we cling to is in fact arbitrary because we are all apart of everything and everything is a part of us. There is beauty in everything because everyone is a compilation of everyone else and every experience.

There is beauty in that sense of oblivious community, and that beauty is what inspires me to create.